50 Best Notion Widgets to Add to Your Workspace

Explore our top picks of Notion widgets that’ll make your workspace more efficient and enjoyable.

Written by
Swaliha Baza
Published on
April 11, 2024
best notion widgets

Are you looking to upgrade your Notion workspace with some handy widgets?

Widgets are third-party tools that let you embed different types of content and features directly into your Notion pages. From tracking habits to checking the weather forecast to enjoying your favorite tunes, there’s a widget for almost every need.

In this article, I’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best Notion widgets out there. These widgets will help make your Notion experience better.

But before we look at the widgets, let’s look at how to add one to your Notion workspace.

How to Add Widgets to Notion

Adding a Notion widget to your workspace is a straightforward process. Regardless of the type of third-party widget you want to embed, follow these easy steps:

  1. First, copy the widget’s link from the provider’s website.
  2. In Notion, create a new page or open an existing one where you want the widget to appear.
  3. Add an Embed block by typing “/embed” or selecting it from the blocks menu.
add embed block to notion
  1. Paste the link you copied earlier into the Embed block and hit Enter.
link added to embed widget
  1. Resize the embedded widget to your desired dimensions by dragging its edges.

Now that we’ve seen how to add a Notion widget, let’s look at the best Notion widgets available out there.

50 Best Notion Widgets to Supercharge Your Workspace

The following widgets have been carefully compiled and organized into different categories to make it easier for you to find the ones you need for your specific use cases.

Let’s look at these widgets.

Notion Clock Widgets

Clock widgets help you keep track of the current time and add a nice aesthetic touch to your workspace. Here are some popular clock widgets for Notion.

1. Simple Digital Clock

simple digital clock notion widget

Simple Digital Clock widget is a customizable clock that offers light/dark mode options, 12/24-hour formats, and customizable background color.

➡ Add Simple Digital Clock

2. Digital Flip Clock

digital flip clock notion widget

The Flip Clock widget is a retro-style clock that features animated flipping numbers with an option for light or dark mode.

➡ Add Digital Flip Clock

3. Material Analog Clock

material analog clock for notion

Material Clock widget is a customizable analog clock with a material design style. It allows users to customize the colors of the clock’s rings from the Notion color palette.

➡ Add Material Clock

4. Minimalist Analog Clock

minimalist analog clock for notion

The Minimalist Analog Clock widget offers a clean and customizable analog clock with options to set the watch face colors from the Notion palette.

➡ Add Minimalist Analog Clock

5. Indify Clock Widgets

indify clock collection

Indify has a collection of six analog clocks and two digital clocks. All clocks are customizable with options to use 24 hours format and customize the background and watch colors.

➡ Add Indify Clock

6. Clocklink World Clock

world clock notion widget

ClockLink World Clock lets users display up to three cities’ times on an interactive map for easy comparison of different time zones.

➡ Add ClockLink World Clock

Notion Calendar Widgets

Notion has a calendar database that’s great for task management and setting reminders. But what if you just need a simple calendar to check the current date or view Google Calendar events in Notion? Let’s take a look at the best Notion Calendar widgets.

7. Apption Google Calendar Widget

apption google calendar widget

Not the best looking, but the Apption Google Calendar widget lets you display all Google Calendar events inside Notion.

Try Apption Google Calendar

8. Minimal Calendar

minimal calendar widget

The Minimal Calendar Widget displays the monthly calendar in a clean layout.

Add Minimal Calendar

9. Simple Calendar

simple calendar widget

This is a simple calendar widget for displaying today’s date in your Notion dashboard.

Add Simple Calendar

10. Life Calendar

life calendar widget

Life Calendar helps you visually see your life in weeks, with black squares indicating the weeks you’ve lived and white squares representing weeks remaining.

Add Life Calendar

Notion Weather Widgets

A nice widget to have along with the clock and calendar widget is the weather widget. Let us look at the two most popular options available.

11. Indify Weather Widget

indify weather widget

Indify Weather Widget lets you customize the color scheme, choose your unit preference, select your location, and display forecasts for up to seven days.

➡ Add Indify Weather

12. Weather Widget

weather widget io

WeatherWidget.io is a fully customizable widget that allows you to set the location and change display settings such as themes, fonts, icons, and colors.

💡Tip: You’ll need to use Apption.co to convert code into an embeddable URL.

Try WeatherWidget.io

Notion Pomodoro Widgets

If you’re using Notion for productivity, embedding a Pomodoro timer will encourage you to work in short focused bursts. Here are some Notion widgets that can help you achieve this productivity technique:

13. Simple Pomodoro

simple pomodoro widget for notion

The Pomodoro widget allows you to customize the timer with various background colors from the Notion color palette.

➡ Add Simple Pomodoro

14. Pomofocus


Pomofocus is a full-fledged Pomodoro timer with options to add tasks, change timer length, customize colors, and play alarm sounds.

Add Pomofocus

15. Kairo Pomodoro Tracker

kairo pomodoro block

Kairo Pomodoro is a countdown block that also works as a Pomodoro timer. It offers customizable colors, icons, title, and time settings.

Add Kairo Pomodoro

16. Pomodoro Timer by Shorouk

pomodoro by shorouk

This Pomodoro resembles a calculator and has options for adjusting the break and session lengths.

Add Pomodoro Timer

Notion Countdown Timer Widgets

Countdown Timer widgets can add a sense of urgency or anticipation to projects and events. They’re ideal for tracking deadlines or important dates. Let’s look at countdown timer widgets available.

17. Countdown Timer

simple countdown timer widget for notion

Countdown Timer widget lets users set personalized countdowns with an event title and a choice of background color.

Add Simple Countdown Timer

18. Indify Countdown Widget

indify countdown widget

Indify Countdown is a sleek Notion widget with customization options for setting a title, date, and time. It also lets you choose which time units to show.

Add Indify Countdown Timer

19. Kairo Countdown Block

kairo countdown block

Kairo countdown block lets you set the countdown for up to 9 hours and change the colors, text, and icon of the widget.

Add Kairo Countdown

20. Countdown widget by Shorouk

countdown block by shorouk

This colorful, funky countdown widget comes in bold colors and can be customized by editing the code.

Add Countdown widget by Shorouk

21. Time Left In Month

time left in a month widget

Time Left In Month is a fun widget that displays the remaining days and hours until the month ends. It is ideal for use in monthly agendas or financial planning templates.

Add Time Left in Month

22. Time Left In Week

time left in this week widget

It is similar to Time Left In a Month, but it counts down the remaining days and hours until the following Sunday or Monday.

Add Time Left in a Week

Notion Chart Widgets

Notion Chart Widgets are an excellent way to visualize data directly within your Notion workspace. These widgets support various chart types like bar, line, and pie charts, which can be linked to Notion databases or external data.

23. Notion Charts VIP

notion vip charts

Notion Charts lets you create live, dynamic charts within Notion using data from Google Sheets. It offers a wide range of chart types that match Notion’s color palette.

Add Notion Charts by Notion VIP

24. ChartBase

chartbase widget

ChartBase, also known as notion2charts lets you create professional charts and graphs from Notion databases. It offers customization options for 7 different chart types, including color schemes and styles.

Add ChartBase

25. Nochart

nochart widget

Nochart is a similar widget but uses AI to help you create customizable, interactive charts.

Add Nochart

Notion Button Widgets

Notion has a built-in button widget for performing tasks within its pages. But sometimes you need buttons for embedding links to external sites.

26. Butn

butn widget

Butn is a simple widget for creating customized call-to-action buttons within Notion. It gives you options to customize the button font, color, padding, alignment, border, and shadows, and even set the button to open links in a new tab.

Add Butn

27. Indify Button

indify buttons

Indify Button widget comes with preset color themes and lets you add multiple buttons to the same widget. It also lets you change button font, color, size and layout.

Add Indify Button

Notion Form Widgets

There are times when you’d want to create forms without leaving your Notion workspace. The below tools let you create customizable form widgets and collect responses directly into your Notion databases.

28. NoteForms

noteforms widget

NoteForms offers 18 customizable field blocks for creating unlimited forms, along with submission alerts and secure data storage in Notion databases. It also includes pre-designed templates to get you started quickly.

Add NoteForm

29. Chilipepper

chilipepper notion widget

Chilipepper allow for easy data collection with customizable fields and direct submission to Notion databases. It support various field types, color customization and dark mode support.

Add Chilipepper

30. SparkleForms

sparkleforms form builder widget

SparkleForms is a headless form management tool that includes custom rules, spam protection, and file uploads for efficient response collection directly into your Notion database.

Add SparkleForms

31. Notion Reactions

notion reactions widget

Notion Reactions widget simplifies feedback on Notion pages by allowing users to react with emojis.

Add Notion Reaction

Notion Habit Tracker Widgets

Habit tracker widgets help you stay accountable and motivated. You can use them to monitor and maintain your daily routines and goals.

32. Blocs Habit Tracker

bloc habit tracker

Blocs Habit Tracker widget offers streak-based habit tracking and lets you generate a shareable link for showcasing your progress with friends.

Add Blocs Habit Tracker

33. Kairo Habit Tracker

habit tracker kairo

Kairo Blocks are a cute little collection of Notion widgets that help you build new habits and stay on track. The widgets are interactive, making it fun to use and track your habits.

Add Kairo Habit Tracker

Notion Quotes Widgets

34. Notion Quotes Widget

notion quote widget

Notion Quotes Widget is a simple widget with options for two themes, four font sizes, and six categories of quotes.

Try Notion Quotes Widget

35. Indify Quotes

indify quote widget

Indify Quotes widget lets you display quotes from five popular Instagram accounts right in your Notion dashboard.

Add Indify Quote

36. Wotion Quote Builder

wotion quote builder

Unlike the other two Quote widgets, Wotion Quote Builder lets you add your own quote and display it within Notion.

Add Wotion Quote

Students Notion Widget

If you’re a student using Notion for schoolwork, having widgets like a whiteboard, calculator, or unit convertor on your dashboard can be extremely useful.

37. Whiteboard Widget

whiteboard widget

The Whiteboard widget lets you draw, write, and sketch directly within the Notion app.

Add Whiteboard

38. Calculator

minimal calculator

The Calculator widget lets you perform mathematical calculations directly within Notion. It works as a scientific calculator and comes with a range of functions and operators.

Add a Simple Calculator or Minimal Calculator

39. Unit Converter Widget

unit convertor widget

Unit Convert is a handy widget that allows students to quickly convert mass and volume values from metric to imperial, and vice versa. It also includes temperature conversion values for Celsius to Fahrenheit or Kelvin.

Add Unit Converter Widget

Personal Notion Widgets

Personal widgets are fun widgets to help you become more efficient in your daily life and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

40. Kairo Progress Bar

kairo progress bar

This widget helps track and visually display progress toward a goal. You can use it to motivate and encourage consistent behavior toward change.

Add Kairo Progress Bar

41. Water Tracker

blocs water tracker

Bloc lets you monitor daily water intake and stay on track with your hydration goals directly within Notion.

Add Blocs Water Tracker

42. Stock Price Tracker

stock price tracker

This widget allows users to track live stock data directly within Notion.

Add Stock Price Tracker

43. Indify Life Tracker

life progress bar widget

Indify Life Tracker is a fun widget that estimates your lifespan in years, months, and days to give you insights into your life expectancy.

Add Indify Life Tracker

Other Notion Widgets

These are some general widgets that do not belong to a specific category but will improve your Notion experience.

44. Spotify Widget

spotify notion widget

Spotify widget lets you enjoy music while you work. It allows you to embed your favorite Spotify playlist to your Notion dashboard.

Add Spotify Widget

45. Clean Spotify Widget Builder

wotion clean spotify widget

Unlike the previous one, this Spotify widget lets you create an aesthetic and minimalist Spotify widget. It lets you add your favorite tracks or albums in a carousel.

Add Wotion Spotify Widget

46. Slashy

slashy custom widgets

Slashy lets you add custom commands (widgets) to your Notion account. It allows you to add blocks like camera and audio recordings, draw, and any other custom widget you can think of.

Add Slashy

47. Minimal Greetings

minimal greetings notion widget

This widget displays a friendly greeting along with the current date and time.

Add Minimal Greetings

48. Photo Gallery

photo gallery notion widget

Photo Gallery widget can be a lovely addition to your Notion page. It allows you to showcase your favorite memories in a beautiful gallery display

Add Photo Gallery Widget

49. Navigation Bar

navigation bar notion widget

The Navigation Bar widget is a DIY widget that lets you add a clean horizontal or vertical navigation bar to your Notion page.

Add Navigation Bar

50. Notion Streak

notion streak widget

The Notion Streak widget helps you track your daily activity streak by adding a count each time you open and interact with a Notion page.

Add Notion Streak

That’s all! I hope the above list of the best Notion widgets will help you to customize and enhance your workspace.

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